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Thread: Cone to Cone Transfer and more

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    Cone to Cone Transfer and more


    I have a (1060) 15BBL brew that has been fermenting well for past 5 days. I plan to make a batch of the exact same real soon(Day or Two). As I have done before with success I have transfered from cone to cone for the yeast only. Now here is the question...To help with consistency of both brews could I just transfer 50% of everything into the other fermenter and add the new wort on the split 50/50 both fermenters?



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    I've brewed two batches into a single fermenter a bunch of times without problems. However, we either brewed them back-to-back or at least on successive days. If the first batch is done fermenting, I'd probably wait until the second batch is too, and mix in the bright tanks...

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    bad idea, unless you plan on doing it forever...and even then you'll have yeast and o2 problems...

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    I agree, it is a bad idea to add fresh wort directly to a tank that is already or almost finished. Too many oxidation risks to make it worth it. If you want consistency between the two batches, then I'd wait until the second tank is finished fermenting and then mix the two tanks together 50/50 when you filter them or rack them off the yeast. Much safer and as you grow it is much easier. The only other way to do this that would be somewhat safe it do handle it like a Kreusen. Get the second tank fermenting well so it has removed all the oxygen (at least 4-8 hours) and then blend the two tanks together 50/50. The only downside to this is that sometimes the Kreusen effect will actually increase the finished gravity for some reason (by .5 to 1 Plato sometimes)...depends on your yeast and if it wears out too quickly. Personally I'd stick with the tried and true method of blending after fermentation.
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