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Thread: Batch size and fermenter size

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    Batch size and fermenter size

    I am intrigued about this topic at the CBC in Austin. However I will not be able to attend. Does anyone have any pointers they would share. I have a 7.5 BBL system and an assortment of fermenters...15BBL, 20BBL and 30BBL. For example could I put 15bbl in a 30BBL fermenter then a week later add 15 BBL more? Or 7.5 in a 15BBL and then 7.5 to top off a few days later.

    Thanx for your thoughts!!!


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    Best to do it within 24 hrs, but I know of some breweries that do it in 48 hrs.

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    if you are trying to maximize the tanks that you have it may be better to ferment the first move it into the larger FV, then ferment the additional beer in the smaller Fvs, after fermentation you could mix it in to the final larger FV.

    Or you could brew like crazy for 48hours and fill the larger FV. Remember once the first batches are in you shouldnt aerate the top up wort as the yeast has already begun its processes.

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