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Thread: Perlite grades / Pressure Leaf filtration

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    Perlite grades / Pressure Leaf filtration

    I've been running a Velo 4 m^2 filter for about a year and it's been great until Harborlite stopped selling 400 grade perlite. We tried mixing some 200 grade in with the 500 to get a theoretical "400" but it gets plugged up.

    I was thinking of pre-coating with cellulose and 200, then running the body feed with 500 with the idea that the filter cake would be finer at the bottom and coarser at the top.

    Also, we started with a certain amount of cellulose and began backing off lately. Is the purpose of the cellulose just to set the filter bed or will this improve clarity too?

    Does anyone have any thoughts on this....or have a pallet of 400 grade to sell?
    Chris Enegren

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    Mixing grades generally doesn't give something in between the grades. In fact it seems to make a final grade finer than the finer of the two grades and blinds filters faster.

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