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tcpssmax-cl chattering

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  • dick murton
    Sounds like the bearings have gone - a new motor required if you can't replace the motor bearings. If there is the lightest movement of the motor shaft then definitely new bearings. Not being familiar with this specific pump/ motor. assuming it has a cooling fan, check first if this has come loose. Sometimes just the locking on mechanism has come loose or even fallen out, depending on design. I have known this to happen on other motors.

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  • BSBC
    started a topic tcpssmax-cl chattering

    tcpssmax-cl chattering

    My chugger pump, TCPSSMAX-CL has developed a very loud chatter in the motor. not the pump head as we removed the pump head and plugged it in. This has gotten louder over the past few brews. is there anyone who has had experience with this and is there a easy fix for it?