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Thread: Anyone here running an air pump and inline filter to aerate prop tanks?

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    Anyone here running an air pump and inline filter to aerate prop tanks?

    Hey all,

    I am working at a brewery that does not have an air compressor and looking to set up constant aeration for our 2bbl prop tanks.

    At this point I'm leaning toward buying tanks of filtered air from the gas company, then running that through an inline filter to a stone in the bottom of the tank.

    But I'm wondering if anyone has successfully used an air pump of some kind, possibly a large aquarium pump, through a filter to a stone. I've seen it done off larger air compressors, but we don't have budget for that.

    I am aware that the line from the air source to the stone should be sterilizable materials and we are acquiring a pressure cooker soon for this purpose.

    Thanks for any relevant information/experience


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    Sounds about right....

    All the propagations I've done in breweries have used air compressor. But in a cidery I've used an aquarium pump & small stone to aerate cider to make vinegar. Should be same concept. Worked just fine for me. Not sure how you get around not having an air compressor, but you'll get one eventually.
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    Just make sure the compressed air is oil free. At least using bought in food grade compressed air you can be sure it is sterile in bottle and oil free. Saves potential pump maintenance etc as well.

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